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New South Wales Australia

New South Wales is a state in Australia, and like most of Australia, it is big. There is plenty to do on your next holiday, but before arranging for New South Wales accommodation, it is important to determine which region you intend to visit. It is almost impossible to see everything in NSW in one short Holiday. It is much better to pick one or a few regions and build your next holiday around exploring those regions.

Blue Mountains
Just ninety miles outside of the capitol city of Sydney, the Blue Mountains are the perfect location for those who like a little adventure mixed in the with their holidays. The Blue Mountains are full of opportunities for outdoor adventures such as mountain biking, hiking, and bush walking, but that does not mean you will be roughing it. There are resort level New South Wales accommodation available in the Blue Mountains.

Country New South Wales
Offering visitors a taste of what Australia was like in the 19th century, Country NSW is like taking a step back into the rugged past of Australia. You can ride a paddle steamer and explore pioneer towns all while sipping some of the finest wines produced in Australia. This region is also home to Australia’s tallest waterfall and the world-renowned Warrumbungle National Park.

Hunter Valley
The Hunter Valley in NSW is a region renowned for its wine. Many resorts dot the area. On a holiday in Hunter Valley, you can hike explore Barrington Tops National Park, have a massage and spa treatment at your luxury New South Wales accommodation in the afternoon, and sip fine wines from one of the many boutique wineries in the evening.

Lord Howe Island
The world-heritage listed island is just off the north coast of New South Wales. It is the perfect retreat for those who want a holiday built around the water. This region offers plenty of opportunities to snorkel, surf, kayak, dive or lie in the sun.

NSW North Coast
The North Coast of New South Wales is Australia’s most accessible coast. The North Coast waters are perfect for wave riding and body surfing, swimming, or walking along the pristine coastline. Holidayers will also enjoy spending time in the regions many national parks and nature reserves.

Outback NSW
If you want the quintessential Australian experience, you must venture into the outback. This rugged but beautiful region is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking sights. The area is remote, but New South Wales accommodation are available even here. Book a few nights at the famous underground hotels and White Cliffs and enjoy the Outback in style.

Snowy Mountains
Depending on the time of year you visit the Snowy Mountains in NSW, you get a completely different holiday experience. During the summer months, the area is perfect for cycling, caving, and rafting. During the winter months, it is time to strap on your board or skis and experience some winter fun. Resort level New South Wales accommodation are available at any of the regions 4 mountain resorts.

NSW South Coast
The South Coast Region of New South Wales is the surf and nature lover’s paradise. Beaches with rideable waves are surrounded by nature reserves. Pods of dolphins and whales can be found just offshore. You can even find penguins on Montague Island.

Finally, there is the city of Sydney. This city is famous the world over, and is a prime destination for those on Holiday. It makes a prime staging point for other NSW adventures, or you can secure New South Wales accommodation directly in the city and never leave. You will never run out of things to do in Sydney, Australia.

As you can see, New South Wales is both diverse and beautiful. Each region has its own unique character, and it is up to you to determine what type of New South Wales holiday you want.